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Local Currency Boost Download Volumes in Chinese Apple App Store 2011-11-28 (월)

After the introduction of the official Chinese currency, the Yuan (CNY), in the Apple App Store, the download volumes in the Apple App Store China have grown significantly. The download volume of paid applications in the Chinese top 100 has almost doubled after the 18th of November, the day Apple introduced the Yuan. The growth rates in this top 100 vary between 40% and 80% over the last week compared to two weeks ago.

Apple announced to support payments with the Chinese Yuan in the Apple App Store one week ago. We expected an increase in the download volume of paid applications in China because Chinese citizens were now able to pay content with local bankcards instead of using a credit card. Now, our first data analyses support this thought.

China is one of the largest emerging markets for mobile applications. Apparently, adding the Yuan by Apple was a smart move. Paid download volumes remain small in China compared to the United States. The ability to pay in the local currency would support paid downloads in China, which offers new opportunities for developers.

글 / DISTIMO Tiuri van Agten